Contextualizing Discordant Notes

I saw a post on social media. Something like:

“Yesterday mowing the lawn a bee stung me. The bee died. I finished mowing. A wasted effort on his part? I could’ve been his friend… Perhaps a life lesson is hidden in there somewhere.”

Not political, not controversial, not mean spirited or sarcastic, and yet my typical contrarian thinking kicked in.

Perspective of the bee maybe: A monster, unprovoked in any way, is indiscriminately and violently chopping down all the flowers; the clover I am trying to feed from today, and the oxalis I was hoping to enjoy tomorrow, and the creeping charlie I was looking forward to feasting on next week. This shall not stand!

Are there lessons about friendship and peace as the original post suggested? Of course, easy ones that were obviously implied, and yet do those lessons have an insidious side. To accept them is to simplistically gloss over a (very possible) broader context of the situation. Seems to me that the angle on it that inharmonious existence with, in this case nature, is bound to have some discordant notes is at least also valid, if not more valid!

Portraying such discordant notes as emanating from unjustified sources is a common practice – sometimes a tactic.


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