Apparently there is some sort of flu ‘epidemic’ going on. I am pretty skeptical of the buzz on this. The cynical part of me wonders about the fear mongering and who might be profiting from it. No doubt someone stands to make quite a bit of money from all the vaccinations that are being pushed so aggressively through so many channels. That in itself isn’t reason to buy into some conspiracy theory, but, just saying, it is worth keeping in mind.

Because of all the fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD) running rampant numerous people have recently asked me about, or lectured me about, my stance on vaccinations. Before I get to what I think, it is worth saying that I’d be grateful to not be judged as stupid, crazy, or uninformed. I hate how people on either side of the issue tend to judge those with a differing opinion as such. Doctors or people with some element of accredited biological education tend to be some of the worst. In my experience these sorts of people seem to be some of the most blind to their own biases. Natural health type people can be just as blindly opinionated though. The truth I see is that there are virtual mountains of information to sift through on the issue and plenty of missing research to boot. That being the case I honestly have a hard time understanding the polarization. Given that my wife and I lead a normal life with plenty of other things to worry about I think we have made a reasonable effort to look at the data we have come across and listen to authorities on both sides objectively, and we’ll continue to evaluate new information on the topic as it comes to us. While our stance isn’t firmly planted, at this point it isn’t likely to move drastically. I suppose this is true generally for lots of stances we have, but I digress…

My take, briefly summarized, is that vaccines aren’t bad. However, they do have at least a small degree of short term risk. They also have potentially numerous long term risks including side effects ranging from developing more allergies to impaired mental function. Those long term risks seem to grow with more vaccinations concentrated at younger ages, so with our kids we tend towards a delayed and more spread out schedule tailored to our particular risk environments. Our kids didn’t conceivably need a Hepatitis shot at birth for example.  Even discounting the risk factors and granting some efficacy, at least in the short term, there is some evidence that vaccines aren’t the best way to build long term immunity, especially for particular types of viruses, and there is also some evidence to support the theory that vaccines aren’t the best way to develop the immune system as a whole. In general this leads us to avoid vaccinations for less threatening illnesses. That is all pretty softly stated and subjective – meaning I have no solid recommendations for what anyone else ought to do. Sorry, and you’re welcome.


One thought on “Vaccines

  1. Great post. Our bodies are designed to protect ourselves. That’s exactly why we have antibodies. We are young and healthy so for me flu vaccines are right there with all these anti-bacterial products. It’s good to get sick every now and then so we can build resistance.

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