Recent arts n craft stuff


Digital Drawing

Decided I wanted to get back into drawing this year. Was something I did a lot of as a student.

Reading through “Drawing On The Right Side of the Brain” as a part of this

Got an iPad with stylus due to in part to some legit holiday sales. Seems like by far the best device if interested in doing digital art. Also was interested in playing with Rock Band or intro type music composition stuff.

Still in the pretty early in the learning phase with Procreate, but have made a couple drawings. I am overall really intrigued by the medium. Undo, layers, animation, and on and on. There is just so much that this opens up that traditional mediums do not. Of course I have played with Wacom tablets and digital art stuff on computers before, but a good stylus usable on the screen seemed like another level, and after using for a while I can confirm this is indeed the case.

One of my sons is showing a lot of interest in visual art too, and just as an example of the potential, it is neat to be able to let him experiment with things. Add a new layer and just try stuff with no worry that you are going to spoil the work you already have. Or simply use the undo. While there is certainly some value in learning to adapt to or cope with mistakes, being able to undo a errant stroke reduces fear that can seriously inhibit creativity.

Backyard playground

My son liked this picture, but wanted to experiment with adding the trees. It was a really cool moment for him when I could just make a duplicate and turn him loose.

Hand study