Voter suppression is more than just blocking votes

This video really just scratches the surface of the current voter suppression push, There are certainly better sources out there…

If I were outlining the topic of voter suppression I would definitely cover things like:

  • The Reconstruction era and Jim Crow era. How voter suppression was done back then, its alarming effectiveness, and its massive lasting impacts
  • How the term “election integrity” has definitely evolved into an effective racist dog-whistle
  • How voter suppression is a multi pronged strategy; the aim is not just stopping votes themselves, but also sapping the power of the votes you can’t stop outright but generally don’t like
  • The role of gerrymandering in suppressing the power of a vote
  • The inordinate smallness of the US house of representative, and how redistricting after the recent census also dilutes representation of millions of more urban citizens why amplifying the representation of thousands of more rural or suburban citizens. – ie. the 435 cap was a voter suppression rule that passed a hundred years ago, but is still paying new dividends. And, how this arbitrary cap and the automatic redistricting it entails, might all by itself – without even the need for new voter suppression laws – result in the GOP winning the house in 2022 and the presidency in 2024 because of the way it redistributes house seats and consequently electoral college votes
  • The lack of representation of US citizen in DC and Puerto Rico – their lack of senators significantly suppresses their political power in 2 branches of government since senate seats also count towards Electoral College votes
  • How single winner districts leaves nearly half of the population in any given area without meaningful representation – an effect heavily amplified and purposely leveraged by those doing gerrymandering
  • How First past the post voting system along with closed party primaries amplifies the negative effects of both gerrymandering and single winner districts by selecting for more polarized candidates

Gonna be frank. I am losing hope in the trajectory of US to be a functioning democracy. I didn’t have a lot of hope in a Biden administration to start with, honestly, but a thin majority by the Democrats had imparted some hope towards reforms that could have slowed or potentially reversed the decent into fascism the GOP would drag us into. But that is withering quickly. The filibuster isn’t even the only hurdle. Plenty of democrats don’t want or see (or don’t want to see?) the need for crucial democracy reforms – Biden chief among them! Meanwhile the GOP is becoming ever more blatant in their comfort level in fighting for and exerting minority rule.


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