An attack on all of us.

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio: “An attack on police officer is an attack on all of us.”

My first thought: An unwarranted attack by an armed police officer on an unarmed civilian is an attack on all of us.

Some of my white friends are going to balk at that, I mostly have white friends, it’s just the demographic where I live, but seriously, if we as a society to a very large degree grant a monopoly on the use of violence to the police and they habitually abuse that, and it turns out we have no legit recourse to correct their behavior or hold them accountable… what else is it?

Can we vote this problem away? NYC mayor is a Dem. The presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, concedes it would be better to shoot people in the leg instead of the heart, an improvement barely worth mentioning as so much of his platform is. so get real, voting in the short term at least, changes almost none of this. It’s not a party issue, its a system issue.

Okay, that said, I am going to vote in the local primary here today in a little bit anyway. But dammit do I wish it could be a ranked choice ballot. There is no doubt in my mind the voting method we have is part of what leads to nothing really changing.


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