But if not

Ideally voting would work
All people would have a voice that is heard and respected

But if not

Theoretically peaceful protesting would work
The cries of those concerned about injustice would not fall on deaf ears

But if not

Perhaps a bit of rebellion might work
Tear some things down with the hope they will be replaced by something better
Or at least the plight of the oppressed would get some notice

But if not

If the only solutions offered are to return to step one or step two
If rebellion is suppressed, as so many who benefit from the status quo, would want to do

Repression doesn’t last
Anger and desperation, will grasp for what might work

Hope we hear before people feel they need to strap a megaphone to their chest
That we can change before the message is driven through a barricade

But if not

Can those who fail to hear admit their fault at last
There could be more than lectures about what might have worked

But if not…


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