Deaths of Despair

I have a radical thought. There is no need to agree on whether abortion is murder in order to agree on a pro-life policy. Hear me out.

Most abortions are deaths of despair, this is a much easier point to agree on.

A person in despair who is at the point of ending a life, their own or that of another, should not be intimidated with punishment via the law or beaten over the head with moral guilt. Beyond being completely ineffective, this approach is the opposite of mercy. To help them as people, and to solve the problem at the abstract sociological level, they need reasons to be hopeful. Most of the time financial resources are an exceedingly important component.

Universal Basic Income (UBI) in providing to both mothers AND fathers an obviously available, no strings and no stigma attached, financial resource to provide and care for a child is the most pro-life policy to be proposed that I know of so far, ever. What’s more it accomplishes this without any need to restrict reproductive rights whatsoever.

In this way UBI cuts across one of the most divisive issues in modern American politics.

Up to now I used the appropriate language to appeal to pro life friends, but pro choice friends please also consider. Even the term “pro-choice” – millions of people have gotten or are getting abortions because they feel like they don’t have a choice. Their economic situation has them pinned in a corner, and even if the women themselves don’t believe this, there is often pressure from the fathers or the potential grandparents. Even if birth control is used successfully and abortion isn’t the issue per se, how many families are postponed or maybe never happen because it just doesn’t feel like a legitimate option?

A candidate advocating for this idea can be legitimately pro-life and pro-choice. They can make a compelling case that they are pro-family in a way that other candidates cannot.


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