Political Rant-ish Thing

Warning (semi-unconventional) political rant-ish thing:

What I have come to see over the past few years is that government really only has the tool of violence at it’s disposal. Taxes, regulations, laws, etc. all rely on the underlying threat of violence. That idea can be hard to swallow, but I think it is a simple veiled truth.

It seems many people are eager to discus ideas of justice, or making the world a better place, or whatever by contemplating/debating politics, and I get that. What I often see lacking is the consideration of methods/approaches that are non-coercive, which would necessarily rule out government. Instead, it’s taken for granted that some variation of sanctioned violent means is necessary and justified for a certain end, and the other guys version of it is much worse than ours.


End rant-ish thing.


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