Giving to Get

A good friend who knows I am no fan of current intellectual property policies, and the ways they are used by the publishing industry passed a blog article on to me. I thought it was interesting, though I don’t really like the tone of this article because of emphasis on pragmatics. “The real money is in the ___” is debatable for one, but more importantly it misses the point of intrinsic value.

Doing things merely because you think you can get paid is a sort of sucky motivation. Art and ideas have intrinsic value. We ought to do them for that reason. Let funding details be secondary concerns, if that. Heck, a lot of writing and art can be done on spare time, and if it is something worth doing then why bother with schemes for getting money for doing it at all! Doing it can be it’s own reward.

You become valuable as someone who can articulate or fully understand an idea, or as someone who can produce some art etc. Of course there are plenty of legitimate ways to capitalize on that value. I don’t want to minimize that aspect of things, but I find the suggestion that we give so that we can get off putting. I am more and more considering how bypassing ideas or art of someone who is primarily concerned with getting paid, for those that were published for their own sake, is a decent idea.


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