Hungry America

A billboard near my house advertises the statistic that ‘1 in 6 Americans struggles with hunger’. My first thought on seeing it this morning was, ‘wow, that is sad’, but then I thought about how they must have gathered the data for that statistic, and I thought, ‘…at what time of day?!’

Then I thought, ‘no, surely they must have accounted for such a thing as the perpetual recurrence of hunger.’ So then I wondered what the statistic is for obesity. Well In 2010 is was around 2 in 6. These are people that struggle with hunger in a way, though probably not the way the billboard meant. Theoretically it seems like simple math to balance these statistics out, some people have to much food, some people don’t have enough. Heck we’d have food left over to balance out some other small country that ‘struggles with hunger’!

Going yet farther in my minds rabbit trail I wondered what the overlap of these two groups was. How would people with an overeating problem answer a survey that asked if they ‘had difficulty fulfilling their hunger needs’? And how many people because of financial limitations eat cheap crappy food that makes them fat and unhealthy while doing a lousy job at satiating hunger for any length of time because it does a lousy job of providing the nutrients the body is asking for?

They more I think about it the more I am convinced that isolated statistics are good for nothing more than propaganda.


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